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Anna Zannino

Founder & CEO

Degree in economics and business, master in marketing and strategic planning and 8 years spent working on business plan and market strategies inside Finmeccanica group in the enenrgy and transports industries.
Then she decide to text the marketing mix in some more “consumer” fields and she discover hte entrepreneurship in first persona. With an experience in a communication agency she deepen the launch strategies and the brand positioning. At the end of this way she dedicate herself to the 360-degree marketing with KAOS. From the strategic consultancy to the contact center, from the web marketing to the start-up strategy with multinational corporations or with small businesses. She is enterprising, inquiring and always in motion...certainly shes not afraid of KAOS!

    mare Genoa
  • università
  • sagoma
  • duomo milano Milan
    1988 - 2001 mani rosse
    Agenzia Brand


  • Dal 2001

    Consulting company focused in Strategy / Marketing / Communication

    sagoma donna occhiali
    Stefania Palomba
    Customer Relationship Management
    Contact Center Manager

    From the database building specifically aimed to marketing purposes to the campaign management: new business, fidelization, incentive, surveys and focus groups. Manager of people and numbers and strongly goal oriented, she's in KAOS since ever, right after her graduation, and she accompanies every evolution of the company.

    sagoma donna occhiali
    Elizabeth Pedrini
    Relation Marketing & Events

    Inquiring by nature, extremely careful to details as much as to the concept of any initiative, she manages our Events with the attention to the costs of a chief accountant and the jocosity of a professional who likes to impress her guests and who knows well what to focus on to achieve her goal.

  • Dal 2003 sezione Web Solution
    sagoma donna
    Carmen Latrecchina
    Post Sales Operation
    Customer care

    She moves among CRM platforms, report requests and the quality monitoring acting as a partner of the “monitored subjects” more than as a supervisor. In the name of the Client she manages relationships and the organizes flows of activities with some of its key stakeholders.

  • Dal 2011
    Chisinau Moldavia
    sagoma donna
    Andreea Buimac
    International Service Operations
    Chisinau Office Coordinator

    She speaks 5 different languages, she manages a specific marketing backoffice service for the spanish and the portuguese branches of a multinational corporation which is one of our historical clients. With her KAOS started its productive relocation process. With headphones, by chat, sharing content on web platforms or onsite, with her Chisinau seems to be in the Milan's surroundings and the team earns six people.

  • internationa contact center

    sagoma donna
    Federica Golfetto
    Web Marketing Solutions

    New entry in Kaos, Business Communication bachelor's degree with New Media specialization, she's our referent for social media marketing and for every kind of web-related communication: DEM campaigns, email marketing, e-commerce, e-learning, designing and management of web marketing tools.

    internationa contact center
  • to be continued

"You have to have chaos within to give birth to a shining star"

Friedrich Nietzsche