Stile Libero: the creative intelligence of craftmanship


  • Identify 20/30 enterprises of creative craftmanship, characterized by stylistic, functional and productive originality
  • Introduction such enterprises and businessmen to the market by specific commercial promotion

Stile Libero is a project which has been developed into three stages.

First step:

  • A research operation, on a regional base, which allowed to identify the core of the Network
  • Counselling and specific actions aimed to the definition of brand Stile Libero: creation of a catalogue and of a manifesto of shared ethic values, research and selection of agents to identify  the sales force, feasibility study for the realization of a specific Incubator
  • Visibility Actions: Participation to Artigiano in Fiera in Milan, collective exhibition in Bollate (MI)

The second step saw the direct commitment of CNA Lombardia and of Regione Lombardiain the support of the newborn Network with additional visibility actions

  • Direct Marketing
  • Realization of the website Stile Libero ( as a virtual Show-Room of product and of the entrepreneurs themselves, with direct communication features
  • Improvement of the Merchandising in order to strengthen the brand identity
  • Collective exhibitions
  • Improvement of the catalogue of the participants
  • Counselling and tutoring to encourage the group cohesion
  • A series of presentation events to introduce the Network to its final customers
  • Official presentation event at the Casablanca Cafe in Milan

In the third and final stage, Regione Lombardia gave an additional financial contribution and made the Network the example of the local craftsmen's creativity. in this phase the Network partecipated at national and international fairs, exhibitions and conventions and this activity culminated with the realization of a CD.

What's more 
The creation of a univocal brand identity and the delivery of an original image of creative craftsmanship, different from the standardization of tastes and customs.