Good daily operations

Contact Center
Besides consultancy or outsourcing intervention, we’re able to factually support the Client in all the commercial management operations, from new business to post-sales incentive and fidelization strategies. To do that we can count on two contact centers, the first one inside Kaos’ structure and the second one delocalized in Moldavia with a multilingual staff.

We also can offer you:

  • Integrated campaign phone-email & inbound-outbound
  • Surveys
  • Online and offline panel management
  • Corporate database building and maintenance

Back Office & Service management
Directly related to the overall business policies here are the service management guidelines which are the actual point of contact of the client with the company, therefore your company can't ignore it. Our back office services offer is particularly complete, some examples of what we can do for your business are:

  • Post-sales processes management
  • Orders sending
  • Quality monitoring on assistance intervention

We use CRM platforms and tool expressly developed and we’re able to lead our service on an European basis and with an experienced multilingual staff.

Smart Key Box : European post-sales service for the management of printing orders OKI.

"Your most unsatisfied customers are your own biggest learning resource"

Bill Gates