Campionissimi Musem – The sweet lands of Novi


  • Identification of a positioning and promotion strategy for the Campionissimi Museum which was also functional to the valorization of the local area
  • Strengthening of the group identity e of the cycle memory proudness among the citizens
  • Giving of a positive example of the collaboration between a public and a private subject aimed to reinforce the local area from an economic point of view (territorial marketing)

Thanks to a Community project Novi Ligure has been able to build the greatest European museum of the cycle and of the cycling. A structure through which the city pays tributes to its champions: Costante Girardengo and Fausto Coppi. The museum is the first step of a wider exploration’s possibility of the territory. The “sweet lands of Novi” can be discovered through a series of cycle-touristic paths that brings the visitors to also discover the nature and the food and wine.

What have we done:

  • Marketing and communication plan (analysis of other cycling museums existing, target identification, positioning study…)
  • Positioning and territory marketing leverage study
  • Brand and coordinate image design
  • Classification and selection of the historical sources useful for catalogues, flyer and website realization
  • Merchandising and communication campaign design, press office activities

What's more 
the mix between memory and actuality, tradition and design everything condensed into a marketing plan and actually realized starting from the museum and its brand and arriving to all the local area intended as a touristic product.