Toc Toc: Touristic Offer Confidential


  • Create a direct and continuative communication channel among touristic operators of Monferrato’s area and the national and international request (Agencies and Tour Operator)
  • Contribute to the touristic promotion of the district and to the growing of the professional culture of the local operators.


TOC TOC is a touristic marketing and promotion tool dedicated to the B2B. Is an online portal (also translated in english, french, german and Spanish) which includes an interactive database to create a  dialogue between supply and demand related to Monferrato-Langhe-Roero area.
Toc means “Touristic Offer Confidential”, and testifies the operative and reserved nature of the offers published but it also remembers the sound that someone makes when he knocks on a door.

It is addressed to:

Supply Operators
It allows them to be in the database, present their structures and shows their quotation. Through a form, they create their promotional sheet. This sheets are printable and customizable with marks and specific offers. The database is organized in categories: hospitality, food service, typical products, Event location services and holiday package.

Demand Operators
TOC TOC allows Agencies and Tour Operator to consult the local database through different queries, correlated and cross-referenced among themselves.

On the baseis of the search path, the demand operator can select the structures and the categories and visualize their sheet, print it in a format that makes possible to customize it with marks so that every sheet can became a real offer of the demand operator.

Furthermore the system has a mail features that allows the direct communication among supply and demand operators.

With same aim we created a dvd which is a digital archive of material about the Monferrato-Langhe-Roero district and which is structured in thematic.

What's more 
Facilitate the typical operations of a main industry such as the tourism, collecting them in one virtual place and making them automatic.