Feeling Good in Piemonte: the first structured opportunity for the meeting of supply and demand and to present to the media the Alessandria Area


  • Promote the overall touristic offer of the Alessandria area. Leveraging the hospitality and the thermal tourism that Acqui Terme can provide
  • Create a meeting opportunity, at an international level, between european and extra european tour operators and the local operators, through workshops and educational tours


This event has been realized with the contribution of Regione Piemonte and of the organism for the regional touristic promotion and it wants to propose itself as a biennial appointment with the specific aim to valorize the territory of Alessandria-Monferrato. It is the first structured opportunity for the meeting of supply and demand and, at the same time, to present this territory to the media. The event has involved 4 days in Acqui Terme and the thermal tourism has been only the cue to talk about the food and wine, about the historical and natural tourism and also about the sporting tourism, accompanying the guests in discovering all the opportunity this local area can offer them.

Our work has covered the following operations:

  • Naming and branding of the initiative. Building of the corporate image, selection and customization of the event merchandising.
  • Design of the Event concept and building of the daily agenda
  • Operative support to every stage of information and contact with national and international tour operators
  • Census and organization of the participants database
  • Development and realization of the initiative catalogue
  • Organization and management of the press office and presentation of the event to the media
  • Event handling

What's more

the client brief was clear: we had to rejuvenate the the thermal tourism concept and so extend the target of the local area. Everything has started from the name and the brand, they had to be immediatly clear even to an international audience. Feelin Good in Piemonte recalls a pleasant experience that involves all the senses.

The brand represent the richness of the territorial offer and the transition from the concept of therme as a place of treatment to a fitness one and this insight is stylized in the F of the logo.