CNA College: Virtual incubator for small businesses and future entrepreneurs sensitive to technological innovation



  • Build a web platform with an operative and consulting vocation aimed to help new entrepreneurs to build their business plan and to start up their company.
  • Foster the distance learning and the continuative training about the “make business” themes
  • Implement a loyalty strategy able to stimulate the new business development for the client
  • Provide the association with a direct communication tools to have a dialog with the entrepreneurs


CNA College is an e-learning web-based platform dedicated to the start-up theme. For our client this platform represent the last step of a wider overall offer of support’s tools addressed to the small business world. We chose the web as the right environment for this project for two reasons: allow the users to have access to the contents anytime and anywhere and promote the born of a community among them.
The scheme:

  • Guided building of the business plan. The model used for this step has been design, developed and tested by Kaos with a particular attention to the specific context to which it was addressed.
  • Supervision of a tutor. Every aspirant entrepreneurs have the right to be followed by an expert consultant (on and offline). This tutor has the tasks to verify and validate every step of the business plan building before the user can move to the next. This method grants the quality of the overall project.  
  • Internal communication tools:
    • Forum
    • Chat with the experts and the class mates
    • Videochat (until 10 simultaneous vide-connection)
    • FAQ real time updated
  • Platform easily updatable. The website is developed with open source technologies (PHP language) and this is why it is continuously updatable in a really easy way.

What's more 
we made going together a new technology and the consulting expertise matured over the years and this operations made the results an unique tool both for the language it use and for the accuracy we put in the details.