Young entrepreneurs in Lombardia towards business associations and the world of the institutions: expectations, needs and perceptions


  • Evaluate the relative importance of business needs and calculate the satisfaction level perceived from CNA Lombardia
  • Outline possible future developments based on the confrontation with the target audience
  • Use the survey for a marketing purpose both towards who is already associated to CNA and towards those who are potential new members.


The project has been developed into six stages:

  1. Selection of a representative sample of craftsmanship entrepreneurs from all over the region (already associated and potential members of CNA)

  2. Design of an interview scheme with predefined options, to investigate needs and expectations addressed to CNA, the Institutions and the Credit

  3. Collection of the data through a phone interview

  4. Complex analysis of the survey’s results based on some parameters psychographic and sociographic about the entrepreneurs and the company

  5. Focus group carried out during the regional council of the association for a deeper examination di approfondimento in sede di consiglio regionale

Building of the matrix of the strategic priorities useful to give a cross-reading of the importance of the needs and of the CAN’s performances and following elaboration of the new guidelines deducted from the analysis to improve this performances.

What's more
the matrix of the strategic priorities, used to summarize the survey's results, allows two different reading levels. The first is a vertical one and provides the weighted analysis of the possible expectations (so what’s relatively important) and the ranking of the performances of CNA, of the Institutions and of the Credit Institutes. The second one is a crossed level which makes possible to visualize (in a matrix shape) the positioning of CNA in relation to the needs studied in every segment of the sample selected.