Training and certification project OKI Color Master



  • Create a training path to provide a technical qualification both to Clients and to Service Center
  • Realize a new business and loyalty tool
  • Provide a qualified and qualifying support to the sales force

This project has been developed into three editions and has involved KAOS in a variety of aspects: from the courses design to the organizing and logistic secretariat, from the communication to the management of the relationship with the Dealer.

More specifically we have handled:

  • The building of the training path. We have individuated the thematic areas (technical and managerial) and the external lecturers
  • The courses calendar and the management of every organizational issue for the courses supply (coordination and interface with the location and with the lecturers)
  • The operative secretariat and the relationship with the Dealers through our Contact Center
  • The development of the sales argumentations and of the tools to communicate with the Dealers about their own training plan
  • The development of a dedicated website to divulge information about the project and to collect subscriptions.

Some figures: 6 course typologies addressed to 4 kind of customers, 39 courses, 204 companies and 280 people managed at the same time.

What's more 
the training project has been built around a specific product but it has anyway an added value gave to it by the effort to propose an overall formative offer that has involved some contents related to the different thematic areas faced during the courses.