Loyalty OKI Club : a web based promotion platform


  • Stimulate the client’s loyalty and reward it, collecting in a unique portal all the rewards operations
  • Create a standard procedure to build the promotion operations, which can fit every campaign needs
  • Create an historical archive of the incentives’ operations and measure their results
  • Grow up the knowledge of the sell-out and, for consequence, the database available.


Loyalty Club is web-based platform that we created to manage and monitor promotions and loyalty programs addressed to different interlocutors. There are multiple possibilities and they go from the management of collections of points to the management of discount campaigns (which can be integrated to off-line modules) in the same way multiple are also the interaction potentialities for the users, which vary in function of the different promotions activated.
The platform management is based on a CMS (Content Management System) that allows to build campaigns and to connect them to specific users’ segments. To be used it doesn’t requires the knowledge of html language and the user interface is customizable and easily understandable.

The application, as it has been developed, consents the automatic calculation of the data and of the indicators inserted from the end user. It also has some ecommerce function for the prize request submission.

The Kaos intervention can include not only the platform delivery, but also a series of added value services: relationship management and contact activity (inbound and outbound campaigns).

Our experience and expertise in the promotions field allows us to offer an integrated support to all the phases of the management of such operations: selection of the rewards, catalogue creation, regulatory compliance for rewards operations.

What's more 
provide a tool which can be autonomously customized by the company according to the specific needs of every promotion or fidelization campaign and which it’s also modular so that it can be implemented with new modules when the need arises.